Charter Standard

Wantage Town Boys And Girls FC

An FA Charter Standard Club

Club Constitution/Rules


Rules of Wantage Concords Football Club


1. The Club is called Wantage Concords Football Club.

Club Objectives

2. The purpose of the Club is to encourage and facilitate the playing of football by children up to the age of 19 years.

3. The Club will operate in accordance with the rules and principles of the Football Association and any league(s) to which teams belong. The Club is affiliated to the Berks & Bucks FA Ltd.

Financial Status of the Club

4. The Club is non-profit making and any surplus income shall be reinvested into the Club. Surpluses or assets cannot be distributed to any parties except on the dissolution of the Club (see below). No officer or member will be paid for any normal activities carried out on behalf of the Club however expenses incurred in the performance of Club duties may be reimbursed, subject to approval on each occasion by the Club Treasurer and one other Club Officer.

5. The Club’s accounts will be subject to annual independent audit.

Officers and Management Committee

6. The Officers of the Club shall be:

a. The Chairman
b. The Vice-Chairman
c. The Secretary
d. The Treasurer
e. The Fixture Secretary
f. The Child Protection Officer

7. Officers are elected at each Annual General Meeting (or at an Extraordinary General
Meeting should the need arise). They shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting when they must retire but are eligible for re-election.

8. The entire management of the Club (except as otherwise provided by these Rules) shall
be carried out by a Management Committee (hereinafter called “the Management Committee”). The Management Committee is ultimately responsible for the finances of the Club.

9. The Management Committee consists of the Officers of the Club and each Team Manager. Additional members may be co-opted at the descretion of the Management Committee.

Duties of Officials
10. The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Club and have the custody of all documents (except financial) belonging to the Club. He shall keep full and correct minutes of all Management and General Meetings. The Secretary will make all necessary preparations for all meetings, including the provision of appropriate previous meeting minutes.
11. The Treasurer will be responsible for the accounting activties of the Club, including operation of all bank accounts and custody of all financial documents. He will present suitable details of income and expenditure for each monthly meeting of the Management Committee and provide a yearly statement of accounts and balance sheet for each Annual General Meeting.

12. The Fixture Secretary will be responsible for dealing with the FA, leagues, Team Managers and other clubs on all matters relating to fixtures for games. In addition the Fixture Secretary will be the point of contact on matters relating to the availability of pitches and liaise with those organisations providing playing facilities for the Club.

13. The Child Protection Officer is responsible for ensuring all activities of the Club and all persons acting on behalf of or in asociation with the Club do not impinge upon the welfare or wellbeing of any child and to ensure that the Club meets all its statutory obligations in respect of Child Protection. See Child Protection Policy Statement for further details.
Sub Committees

14. The Management Committee may set up sub-committees to deal with specific aspects of
the Club’s business and may depute or refer to them such of the powers and duties of the Management Committee as deamed appropriate.

15. Sub-committees must include at least one Club Officer. Sub-committees must conduct
their business in accordance with the directions of the Management Committee and the Rules of the Club. They must periodically report their proceedings back to the Management Committee.

Management Meetings

16. The Management Committee shall meet monthly the year to arrange the affairs of the Club.
Minutes shall be taken of all proceedings of the Committee and shall be available to any member of the Club.

17. Five members of the Management Committee, including at least one of the elected
Officers, shall make a forum.

Annual General Meeting

18. The Annual General Meeting will be held within six weeks of the end of the playing
season (as defined by the League).

Extraordinary General Meetings

19. Extraordinary General Meetings can be called by the Management Committee at one
week’s notice and must be so done on presentation of a written request to the Chairman or Secretary signed by at least 10 Club Members over the age of 12.

Membership of the Club

20. Playing membership of the Club shall be open to anyone between the ages of 6 and 18 regardless of sex, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs but subject to the rules of the FA and leagues in relation to the age and sex of those participating in any particular competition or league. The Club reserve the right to refuse or rescind playing membership in the event of a serious breach of discipline (see below) or cases where, in the reasonable judgment of the Membership Committee, the physical or mental capacity of any person may render them too easily liable to injury or harm whilst playing football.

21. No person will be allowed to take part in any organized training session or football match without being a registered Club member and having provided a formal consent notice from a parent or guardian.

22. Subscriptions will be payable by all players registered with the Club at the rates set out
yearly at the Annual General Meeting.

Welfare of members (Child Protection)

23. The welfare of player members is of paramount importance to the Club. The Club must ensure that the actions of any persons associated with the Club, including spectators at games, are in accordance with any external statutory rules governing Children Protection and the Club’s Child Protection Policy. Club Officials, Team Managers and any others assisting the Club in any capacity which may bring them into contact with children will be required to submit to any necessary vetting procedures in relation to Child Protection should the need arise.

Accounting practice

24. All dispersals of Club funds are to be supported by a written receipt or invoice. The
receipt/payment of monies purely for the benefit of individual teams that do not go through the Club Treasurer should be recorded in accordance with standard accounting practice to ensure that any enquiry on the use of the funds can be answered. Such records must be made available to the Club Treasurer when requested.
25. Fund raising activities are normally for the benefit of the Club. Any undertaken, either for
the Club or on behalf of individual teams must have the prior approval of the Management Committee.

26. No member of the Club will be allowed to commit the expenditure of Club funds over
the sum of ₤25 without the prior authorization of the Club Treasurer and one other member of the Management Committee. (In the normal course of events this should be sought at a monthly Management Meeting.)

Club Colours

27. The Club’s offical home kit is a shirt of blue and white vertical stripes, white shorts and blue/white stripped socks. The Clubs logo is as shown below.

Dissolution of the Club

28. A resolution to dissolve the Club can be proposed and considered only at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting. On dissolution assets or any funds remaining after payment to all creditors (including payment of outstanding expenses) are to be disbursed as decided by those present at the meeting at which the Club is dissolved. The guiding principle should be that they are used for the benefit of the community in an appropriate manner. In any case the assets and remaining funds are not to be used for the benefit of any official or member of the Club; except that items of sports equipment, kit etc may be retained by the teams/team members in possession if they are to continue playing football.

Changes to Club rules

29. Club rules may only be amended at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting and any changes will be subject to majority acceptance.

Contact us

If you would like your child to join one of our age group teams please contact Jeremy Moor on

07730 929550

We offer fun, coaching, properly organised games and a good standard of football. We are affiliated to the Berks and Bucks FA.